Surf Sticker & Waterproof Decal – San Clemente, CA

KSL Triton Sticker – San Clemente, CA

KSL Triton Sticker - San Clemente, CA

Description: These custom vinyl surf stickers and waterproof decals are printed on thick, durable vinyl. Perfect for laptops, water bottles, cars, surfboards, handboards, skateboards, and outdoor gear. Classic, bold, awesome. High quality & visually stunning. Great for fundraisers and gifts. Surfers have always loved a good sticker and this is one all surfers will like. San Clemente is one of Surfer Magazine’s top 10 beach towns in America. Famous beaches such as the San Clemente Pier, T-Street, State Park, 204, are the favorites. Ah, but don’t forget about Trestles and Cotton’s Point are other popular San Clemente surf breaks.

Brand: KSL Triton Sticker – San Clemente, CA
Dimensions: 6.00 in x 4.00 in

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Price: 6.00 $5.00
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